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my mission...

I know how hard it can be to feel isolated and unsure of where your safe places or people are. I have experienced trauma and struggled with anxiety and know how all consuming it can feel.  We all deserve to know our worth and have the hope to overcome the daily struggles that hinder us from becoming a more authentic and peaceful version of ourselves.  

My goal is to create a safe and empathetic space for you to reflect and understand the complexities in your story and use it as a way to heal, overcome, and thrive. 

an advocate for healing and normalizing radical self-care.

I'm Amy.


At Copihue Counseling my goal is creating a space of safety and empathy, while assisting individuals in understanding and overcoming trauma, grief, and loss.   Through a mixture of therapeutic services, colsutation, and education, Copihue Counseling instills the practice of radical self-love to embrace, protect, and honor ones being. 

Copihue Counseling is named after the national flower of Chile, where I was born.  The Copihue {koh/pee/way} is a rare flower unique to the region and equally rare for its upside down blossom.  When I think of healing, I think of needing the skills to ground ourselves in our truth to begin important and meaningful work.  From there, we are able to grow, find clarity, heal, and eventually, blossom.  All of our journeys have complex stories and when you visit Copihue Counseling I want you to know you are seen and capable of healing. You are unique, rare, and worthy, no matter how you blossom.  

Behind the Name:

My Mission...

Self- Care Ideas:

1. mindfulness:


2. grounding

nature walk

3. relaxing


4. processing


5. connection

chat with a loved one

tell me more!

Favorite Books...

1. Trauma

The Body Keeps Score by bessel van der kolk, m.d.

2. adoption

the primal wound by nancy newton verrier

3. military

the 5 love languages (military edition) by gary chapman & jocelyn green

4. trauma

it didnt start with you
by mark wolynn

5. self-love

the body is not an apology: the power of radical self-love by sonya renee taylor

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changes the way the brain develops and functions.  Learning new skills and implementing new practices, the brain can learn how to regulate overwhelming emotions and heal.



used as a great tool to work on trauma at home. It teaches you how to be present in the moment and calm the body in moments of distress.

mindfulness can be


is committing to your own growth. Being here is a powerful step in your healing journey.

the hardest part


to work on trauma and grief is through relationships. Identifying positive supports can help manifest security and JOY in your life.

one impactful step


to know about your healing

Inspiring Facts

Children's Book
"Being Adopted"

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