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Welcome! I am so happy you are here.  I like to think my social work journey began as a young child.  Adopted from Santiago, Chile and raised in the Midwest, I have always been interested how our identities intersect and develop both interpersonally and individually.  In 2008 I graduated with my BSW and in 2010 my MSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Overtime, I have developed an immense passion for working with individuals as they overcome trauma, anxiety, and depression.  I feel my biggest strength is creating safe spaces rooted in empathy.  My goal as a clinician is to align this empathy with my client's goals, working together to create meaningful moments of growth and resilience.  Using a strength- based model, I am able to help others see their worth to begin or continue their healing journey. 

an advocate for healing and normalizing radical self-care

I'm amy.



Outside of therapy I love working with other professionals and families to gain deeper insights on adoption.  If you are wondering how you can grow your adoption competency or make your services more inclusive I would love to chat with you. I believe some of the best ways to advocate for adoptees and adoptee mental health is ensuring that not only are caregivers well versed in adoption competency but our communities as well. 

Group Therapy 

Building support and community through shared experiences helps normalize our anxieties, fears, and pains.  I will be offering group therapy & support groups for adoptees, adoptive parents, biological parents, and military spouses. 


Whether struggling with anxiety, depression, overcoming past traumas, or needing a safe place to process transitions; therapy can serve as an empowering tool.  Therapy encourages one to get clarity while building new skills to cope and regulate overwhelming emotions.  In our sessions, I will meet you where you are at while holding a space for you of dignity and worth.



Children's Book
"Being Adopted"

Britany S, Adoptive Mama

"Factual and clear, this book provides clear support and acceptance for a wide range of situations and families. No child will be left out of this narrative, Amy includes them all! Your adopted child will close this book feeling seen, heard, and worthy. "

"amy really captured the mixed feelings adoptees feel when thinking about their identity and their story.  i wish my parents had access to a book like this while i was growing up. this book is an incredible resource for adoptive families and children, it will help assist conversations and reflections needed for healthy adoptive family development.

- Jaclyn S., LCSW, Transracial Adoptee

"I read this book through multiple lenses; that of a transracially adopted person, a parent, and a therapist that focuses on adoptive families. i wish i had it as a child.This is the most honest, diverse, and inclusive book i've come across. it names the complex feelings that many little adoptees feel but cannot name. representation matters in what our children see, absorb, and experience. this is a must read for all children and families. "

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